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Why VSS is best international school in Raipur?

Best international schools in Raipur

The Venkateshwar Signature School is one of the best international schools in Raipur, Chhattisgarh.The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and also has a Cambridge curriculum designed by scholars. The VSS best international school in Raipur ran under the Dharam Foundation and was established in 2017. The school has classes from Nursery to Sixth with a proposed day boarding facility. Among the other English medium schools in Raipur, this is one of the best English medium schools with co-education, which helps in developing social skills and a sense of diversity in your child. VSS is known for its innovative teaching methodology, which helps students in understanding the concepts better.

Well trained and dedicated teaching staffs

Venkateshwar Signature School has well trained and dedicated teaching staffs, which inspires the students to become good learners and confident personalities. This school provides specialized care to the little ones, so they feel at home, which makes this school the best international school in Raipur. The teaching methodology is very advanced and creative, which makes the students of this school smart, quick learners, and intelligent.

English medium schools

The VSS is one of the English medium schools in Raipur which is equipped with all the modern amenities and its state of the art infrastructure, which is spread across 25 acres of land. The VSS building is centrally air-conditioned and has the latest devices which help students in better learning. The VSS is the best international school in Raipur, which has the most significant single block spread across 2 lac sq feet approx. The school's 85% of the area is meant for sports and the green regions. The school is the first platinum-rated green building in Central India and third school with the green platinum rating which makes it to the top international schools in Raipur.

Multimedia based creative games

The school curriculum is designed, keeping in mind the current scenario and the competition level. It is the best international school in Raipur since it has all the essential devices which enhance the learning experience and make it more interesting for the students. The school has multimedia based creative games, lab activities, role-playing, educational visits, projects group presentations and many much more. The 'Smart Class' is one of the more in-demand things of today, which is in most of the top international schools in Raipur. All the classes have smart led panels and computers to make learning fun at the best school in Raipur. The graphics and videos based on the curriculum develop interest among kids, and they are inclined to learn more.

Extracurricular activities

The result of the school has been noteworthy, and the performance of students in extracurricular activities has been commendable, which makes it to the list of top schools in Raipur. The students are taught not only to excel in studies but also things like sports, drama, acting, etc. The curriculum is so designed that the overall development of students is taken care of. The development of communication skills and intellectual skills is an essential part of the school curriculum. All this makes it the best international school in Raipur, having a syllabus designed to prepare students capable of achieving great things in life. It is among the top schools in Raipur, which has a biodiversity park and pollution-free campus.

Tennis courts

VSS comes on top among other English medium schools in Raipur as the school has four tennis courts for students who love playing tennis, and soon it is going to become AITA Academy. VSS has a coach, especially for tennis, and they help their students learn a sport, and they even organize matches and sports events and also encourage the students to take part in sports events. It is the second school in the state with synthetic tracks on the field. VSS is the best school in Raipur as its indoor auditorium is equipped with 3D technology with the 500 seating capacity, and all these to become the VSS is in the list of top international schools in Raipur.

Top schools in Raipur

Venkateshwar signature school is among the top schools in Raipur, which believes in teaching its students to be disciplined individuals, and VSS school has well-trained staff for each and every work. There are specific sports teachers for each sport and who raise students to be mentally and physically fit. VSS school has a team that specializes in taking care of students who are less interested in studies. It makes VSS the best international school in Raipur. VSS schools take care of the overall development of their students as they not only focus on the academic growth of students but also take care of extracurricular and sports activities in school. The VSS school never compromises on the growth of the student; they focus on 360 degrees to make them sharper.

Volunteer programs

The VSS best school in Raipur has many volunteer programs that are led by the school, and some by students' suggestions to develop them into more tolerant individuals. The school always tries to push their students to come out of their comfort zone, so they never become shy of public speaking and are always alert in every situation. VSS is the best school in Raipur and has the best staff to make sure there is more interaction between students and teachers, so there is no communication gap. The VSS leads among top schools in Raipur as their teachers are more focused towards actual learning rather than extra classes or tuitions. Value education or moral science is also the major part of the studies which reflect in their students.

School campus

It is one of the best English medium schools in Raipur as each student has its individuality, and is respected for the same. The campus is fully neat and clean, and hygienic conditions are maintained for the safety and security of their students. There are separate washrooms for both boys and girls, which are fully hygienic. VSS, the best school in Raipur, has a school campus that has cameras installed everywhere for security and safety. VSS has deluxe buses with GPS tracking facilities so that the students' parents feel safe during their child's transit to the school. This makes VSS stands top among top schools in Raipur.

Infrastructure facilitie

VSS has entered the list of best English medium schools in Raipur and top schools in Raipur for providing the best educational services and world-class infrastructure facilities.